The B2B buying experience is a real nightmare. It's time for a change.

They joined #WeAreProspects
They joined #WeAreProspects

Why #WeAreProspects?

"We're all the prospect of someone else."
- Plato

What’s this movement about?

The B2B buying experience needs to change, dramatically and urgently. Here's why:

It's too freakin’ slow

B2B sales cycles are endless.
As prospects, we want to make our purchasing decision quickly.

It's mostly product-less

We don't want to wait for a demo call to see your product. We want a chance to experience it early in the process.

It's seller-centric

Everything in the sales cycle is about facilitating the sales rep’s performance. It's time to put the customer in the center.

Some numbers, just for fun

Average number of days in a B2B SaaS sales cycle. Yeah, kill me now.
(Source: Hubspot)
Percentage of B2B buyers who want a rep-free buying experience.
(Source: Forrester)
Percentage of B2B buyers who say buying was “very complex or difficult.”
(Source: Gartner)
Number of sales pros who wake up wanting to be a pain in the ass to buyers.
(Source: Our undying
faith in humanity)

"Buying SaaS is so wonderful!" said no prospect ever.

#WeAreProspects in a nutshell

Our goal is to unite the SaaS companies who are aiming to simplify the B2B buying experience.

Each company will provide their expertise to B2B buyers for free, plus a special discount to encourage the movement.

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Our partners in crime

Walnut goes nuts about SaaS buyers' experience and launched #WeAreProspects!

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HubSpot joined #WeAreProspects! See why the top CRM company is taking part in the movement, and access 20% off select HubSpot plans.

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Apollo.io joined #WeAreProspects! Discover why they are taking part in the movement and enjoy their exclusive offer.

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